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Adjility: Leaders in ECM Strategy and the New Competitive Wave in Content Management

Unstructured content represents a key asset of an enterprise at the early stage of the next competitive wave.

Structured data has gone through a transition from simple storage and management to the commoditization of the availability of business intelligence over the last 10 years. The march from simple relational databases to advanced analytics and visualization mirrors a similar march in unstructured content.

Enterprises that improve the sophistication with which they manage unstructured content will yield competitive advantage over the next 10 years, much as BI-driven firms have over the last 10.

These business trends in this march include:

Asset & Compliance Protection - The analysis and elimination of intellectual property leakage to protect firm assets is entering a new phase of sophistication, and firms increasingly have the tools to protect their assets, and analyze the usage and behavior of participants content messaging to deliver insights about usage to support compliance rules like firewalls within organization and similar such efforts.

Reductions in Operational Cost and Cycle Time - Proper management of documents, from efficient workflow processes, whether in mortgage processing applications within banks, operational documents in energy and utility, or structured product labeling within pharmaceuticals ... ECM can reduce costs, and intelligent XML documents can support the elimination of paper whereever possible in processes.

Sales & Marketing Support - Whether representing repositories of proposal and delivery documents, or linkage of key marketing research to field sales and account management teams, anyone with a sophisticated B2B sales model or any sales model that improves with increased integration of content in the sales process needs robust ECM.

Increase in Intelligence - The movement from unstructured documents to XML in an enterprise allows exponential increases in intelligence around those documents. Wall Street firms analyze performance of stocks against the content of filings with sophisticated textual tools, that convert unstructured documents to visual insights.

To drive the benefits in these areas, your content management strategy must address a variety of issues:


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