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Testing and Verification

Testing Services Benefits

Adjility provides independent testing & verification services. Independent testing and verification provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced cost of testing
  • Improved cycle time of testing, both in predictability of initial cycles and faster deployment in later phases
  • Better quality metrics, e.g. defect type by stage and percentage of test coverage
  • Higher application reliability
  • Reduced turnover of key testing staff

Common Pain Points

Adjility's Testing Services are designed to address a number of common pain points. If these complaints sound like challenges on your large projects, then you should evaluate dedicated independent testing options:

  • "I can’t get people in the organization to view QA as a legitimate career path"
  • "We rush things to production because we don’t have the time or budget to test properly
  • "We got into system test without properly testing code, and now we are stuck in an endless cycle of fixes without any idea of when we will get out"
  • "We don’t know if we have an application that will scale properly"
  • "We don’t have any actual metrics that tell us where we stand in terms of quality – we just try to get it working good enough in the time we have."

Testing Solutions & Services

Adjility's dedicated testing services provides valuable services and resources to address all of this, including:

  • Low cost testing resources from global delivery centers
  • Automated testing capabilities
  • Testing tools and metrics generation for improved accountability
  • Structured testing methodology that covers all elements of testing, including:
    • Test planning and assessment
    • Test data and test case / script management
    • Integration, system and user acceptance test
    • Performance and operational testing
    • Testing methodology selection and metrics capture
  • Strong QA career path that ensures longer-term retention of dedicated resources

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